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Includes: 10 Birthday Cards & 11 Matching envelopes.

DSM 1202: Inside every old person is a young person wondering what the hell happened!? HAPPY BIRTHDAY • DSM 1511: “So, can you remember when pills weren’t one of your major food groups?” (Inside) “Neither can I.” HAPPY BIRTHDAY • DSM 1541: No matter how old you are on this Birthday… (Inside)’re still younger than you’re ever gonna be again! HAPPY BIRTHDAY • DSM 1536: You're old enough now to learn the "Old Folks' Rule"... (Inside) If you don't remember it, it didn't happen! HAPPY BIRTHDAY • DSM 422: Did you ever wonder... (Inside) How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you really are? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! • DSM 1807: You and Me... friends for all these years... through trials and tribulations, through thick and thin... (Inside) Gosh, I really miss "thin," don't you? HAPPY BIRTHDAY • DSM 1810: BREAKING NEWS: Scientists perfect age-old formula for a Totally Terrific Birthday: First, you start with booze. (Inside) And then, well, you can always add more booze... HAPPY BIRTHDAY • DSM 1765: You know... it's never about the traffic on the interstate, or the daily aches and pains, or the pressures of life... (Inside)'s all about the sunshine. HAPPY BIRTHDAY • DSM 712A: Oh, now don't go getting your drawers all in a dither, your panties in a pucker, or your knickers in a knot... (Inside) It's just another birthday... and you look fabulous! HAPPY BIRTHDAY • DSM 1064: WARNING!!! Consumption of too much alcohol can cause you to wonder what happened to your bra! (Inside) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!