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About Us


Welcome to Maggie’s Quill, Inc.

Maggie’s Quill, Inc. is a multi-LOUIE Award winning American company.
(The LOUIE’s are the “Academy Awards” of Greeting Cards)

Since our inception in 1998, we have been committed to manufacturing our cards in the USA using the highest quality USA Recycled Papers available. Our mission has always been to promote old-fashioned correspondence through the written word – while saving trees.

Our “Dear Sweet Memories” line features 1200+ cards on a soft bone color recycled paper, with charming die-cuts and embossed, nostalgic black photo corners. Every genuine antique family photograph in the line is identified on the back of the card, and we also provide the actual date of the photo – “Circa 1947”, etc. I guarantee that whether you laugh a little or cry a little, a “Dear Sweet Memories” card will always help the reader to feel something special. MADE IN THE U.S.A, all the way...paper, too!

Warning: A new box of tissues will be required for viewing our cards. Please be prepared for fits of extreme laughter or random giggling, or perhaps a couple of sniffles.

We also offer: Necessary Little Notepads, Thank You Notes, Boxed Sets, DoThisStuff Pads, and many other stationeries.