Wholesale Pricing for Stores Only:

Stores - Please call (719) 495-3521 to receive a special Wholesale coupon code. The code is entered during the check-out process, and ordering through the website will require payment with credit card. To be invoiced Net 30, please email your card number selections to huntress@maggiequill.com.

$1.625/each for “Dear Sweet Memories” cards (w/matching envelope)

• All card lines: less 50% retail for stores
• If you are a Store that would like to complete orders online, please fill out the Contact Form below and we will contact you with a Coupon Code to use for ordering.
• Please Note: Your email address & contact info will not be sold, retained, or used for any other purpose than for our direct contact with you regarding Ordering


Wholesale Shipping:

• Stores/Wholesale Orders: ship via USPS Priority Mail and you will be invoiced for the exact shipping cost. Shipping typically ranges from $7.00-$15.00 depending on your location and order size)


Why We’re Special:

• All cards are PROUDLY Printed/designed/manufactured in the USA
• We use the Highest Quality USA Recycled Papers available on 95% of our card lines
• We charge stores ACTUAL Shipping Costs; we don't believe in gouging our customers. We typically ship via USPS Priority Mail, unless otherwise specified.
• We have no Minimum for re-orders, as we prefer any holes in racks are filled. ($100 min. opening order, VISA/MasterCard)
• If a particular design doesn't have good sell-thru in your store, you are welcome to exchange them for another design.

Why "Dear Sweet Memories" (our multi-Louie award winning line) is particularly Special:

• Highest Quality USA Recycled Papers in a soft-bone color
• Embossed Photo Corners provide an authentic Grandma’s-Family-Album feeling
• Olde-time Die-Cut scalloped corners
• 600+ Cards with Messages including: Birthday, Anniversary, Spirit Lifting, Women’s Humor (Menopause & all that good stuff!), All Occasion Humor, Sister, Sympathy, Thank You, Congratulations, Mother’s/Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Holidays, and more…