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Birthday Boxed Set A (click for card details)

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Includes: 10 Birthday Cards & 11 Matching envelopes.

DSM 1530: You and Me… We’re gonna be friends until we’re old and senile! (Inside) ...and then we’ll be NEW friends. How great is that!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DSM 1610: Every year about this time, the Birthday Fairy leaves her lovely gifts of gray roots, creaky joints, and spotty memory. (Inside) Vindictive old Bat. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DSM 1405: Between us – we’ve got arthritis, and declining eyesight and hearing. Some of our medications leave us dizzy or subject to blackouts, and we often forget where we’re going as soon as we get in the car… (Inside) But, Thank Goodness, we still have our drivers licenses! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DSM 1916: Recent studies have resulted in a redefined definition of success: (Inside) Success at 3 years old = not piddling your pants; 13 = having a friend; 16 7/8 = having a drivers license; 21 = getting to drink legally; 35 = having money in the bank; 50 = having more money in the bank; 60 = having sex; 70 = having a drivers license; 80 = having some friends still alive... And at the ripe old age of 90 years old, SUCCESS just has to be not piddling your pants. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DSM 1407: The secret to staying young? (Inside) Don't act your age! HAPPY BIRTHDAY  DSM 1410: Instead of worrying about turning another year older on your birthday... (Inside) Just live your life so that every morning, when you plant your feet on the floor beside your bed, the devil gets a cold chill and says... "Oh, CRAP! She's awake!!!" HAPPY BIRTHDAY DSM 1278: Your special bedtime Birthday Story: A long, long time ago, but not too very far away, you were born... (Inside) ...and now you're old. The End HAPPY BIRTHDAY DSM 836: "Now, Clara, don't you agree that sex is much better than cake?" (Inside) "...what kind of cake?" HAPPY BIRTHDAY...  DSM 1332: It's really great to have a friend like you to grow old with... (Inside) (...but you go first) HAPPY BIRTHDAY...  DSM 851: Before you get old and wise... (Inside) must first be young and stupid. HAPPY BIRTHDAY