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Includes: 2 Friendship, 1 Anniversary, 4 Birthdays, 2 Spirit Lifting, 1 Get Well & 11 Matching envelopes.

DSM 1307: Frankly, I think our friends are God's way of apologizing for some of the relatives we got. • DSM 1831: Just think... If we had never met... We would have missed out on one heck of a fun ride!!! • DSM 1632: I loved you once, I love you still. I always have... ...and I always will. Happy Anniversary • DSM 1610: Every year about this time, the Birthday Fairy leaves her lovely gifts of gray roots, creaky joints, and spotty memory. Vindictive old Bat. HAPPY BIRTHDAY • DSM 1541: No matter how old you are on this Birthday...'re still younger than you're ever gonna be again! • DSM 1407: The secret to staying young? Don't act your age! Happy Birthday • DSM 1971: Congratulations! You just got another year older and you haven't become one of those CRAZY OLD CAT LADIES... Yet. Happy Birthday DSM 1830: Hey, if you've got issues... I've got tissues.  • DSM 1424: Life isn't always about waiting for the storm clouds to pass... Sometimes we just need to learn how to dance in the rain. • DSM 734: I'm working on the chicken soup... But you should go ahead and start feeling better right away...