Women's Humor

• 4.25"x5.50" Greeting Cards 
• Printed on soft-bone colored Recycled Papers w/embossed photo corners
• Each card shipped w/Matching Envelope
• Made in the USA 


  • DSM 1338

    DSM 1338

    Recent studies revealed that the kind of man a woman finds attractive can differ, depending upon the time of the month... (Inside) For example: if she is ovulating, she is attracted to men with rugged, masculine features. However, if she is in the...

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  • DSM 1525

    DSM 1525

    "As women, we are all familiar with the saying: '...that which does not kill me will only make me stronger...'" (Inside) "But personally, I feel like... '...that which does not kill me usually makes me feel anxious, bitchy, needy and vulnerable...'...

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  • DSM 1046

    DSM 1046

    If it's true that "a clean house is the sign of a dull woman..." (Inside) ...well, then I guess I must be one heck of a hell-raisin', ass-kickin', 'been around the block' kinda woman of the world! Housework is Evil!!!

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